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Your local Starbucks has amazing snacks.  As I write this post, I’m dunking Lucy’s Cinnamon Thin cookies into my cup of afternoon Sumatra. Delicious.  We are now continuing our walk through the “snack aisle” at Starbucks, and stop to talk about these cookies.  I think they’ve been available for a while, but I only just recently tried them.  Our last visit down the snack aisle brought us the joy of popcorn, though that’s not quite as dunkable in a cup of coffee. 😉  To be fair, I didn’t try dunking the buttered popcorn into my black coffee, but it just doesn’t sound like a good pairing.

Lucy’s Cinnamon Thin cookies are fabulous.  There are about five little cookies in the tiny bag.  The packaging states that the cookies are gluten free, and the cookies contain no milk, eggs, or tree nuts.  Truthfully, this packaging was the reason why it took me so long to try these cookies. I had seen them hanging around my local Starbucks and thought, ‘well, why would I try those? I’m not on a special diet‘.  Silly Melody.  Each little bag of cookies is only $1.50.

But let me explain again why these Lucy’s cookies go great with coffee: I can’t believe what perfect dunkers they are.  The little cookies are really nice and crisp, so when you submerse it in your coffee, it’s not going to immediately fall apart in your cup. The cinnamon flavor is strong but not overwhelming, and tastes delicious. The size is perfect too.  Because they’re just a bite-sized cookie, you can even dunk it right into your coffee in your own personal tall tumbler – which of course has a more narrow opening than for-here ware or even a paper cup.

These days even many biscotti are too soft to effectively dunk, and crumble apart easily when dunked into your coffee.  Starbucks has very cute bite-sized little cookies in the pastry case right now, but again those are not crisp enough to dunk into coffee.  I’m not suggesting that the Lucy’s Cinnamon cookies are the Gluten Free equivalent of a Cinnamon Brick: Not the case. I bought several bags – nearly overdosing on cookies – to be sure that they tasted just as yummy dry as dunked.  Definitely true that they are quite good when eaten alone too. However these cookies have a special place in my heart when paired with coffee. Now I just have to figure out which Starbucks coffee pairs best with a Cinnamon flavor.  In all honesty, it probably isn’t Sumatra!

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  1. AmazonV says:

    *My* Starbucks is a Kiosk in the mall – the mall where my train comes up and lets out. They don’t have the cups, snack isle, anything. So each time you post these delicious things (the popcorn) I end up visiting the ‘other’ Starbucks in the lobby of the nearby hotel. Looks like they’ll be getting another visit from me sometime soon, these sound like they’ll be awesome in my chai! (PS-thanks for breakfast the other day! I used my contest winnings to get a chai and muffin for breakfast)

  2. denise r. says:

    I haven’t had these yet but have been told by a very good source that they are really good. (two elderly friends I meet in Sbux, one is actually a nun…..88yrs old, so sweet. and she loves her Sbux dopio)

    Personally, I don’t really care for the whole snack thing in the stores. I’d rather they just keep the pastries, maybe improve on some of them….and the few sandwiches, etc. But, not crazy about the 7-11-look. ;(

  3. purple1 says:

    I agree these cookies are good. Try the mini peanut butter cookies warmed and I bet Melody you will really enjoy them. BTW any news on your car?

  4. Melody says:

    @AmazonV @DeniseR @purple1 –

    @AmazonV -You will like these cookies!
    @Denise – I kind of think that Starbucks really struggles with what it can possible put in its store food-wise that is able to be produced and scaled to like 8000 or more store – Well more if you consider licensed stores. These food items in plastic somewhat solve that problem. I don’t particularly like the look of the “snack aisle” either, btw. I remember when food was brand new to the stores – Before that you could get like a butterhorn, croissant, biscotti, and that’s about it! Ah the 1990s!
    @purple1 – Thanks for asking! No sign of my car. It’s been one week today, and it’s weird. It’s just gone. My boyfriend is convinced it’s been chopped up for parts, so to speak, but of course he’s just guessing. I keep looking at the roads thinking, ‘who is driving my car?’ I had a full tank of gas so it’s possible they’re still driving it around.

  5. perrik says:

    Sumatra and cinnamon – you’re right, probably not the ideal pairing. Starbucks Red matches up really well with gingersnaps (my addiction), so it should go well with the cinnamon cookies too. Colombia and Komodo Dragon could work, too.

    Sigh, I miss the blueberry oat bar. It’s still on the website, but I haven’t seen it in any pastry case for ages.

  6. Steve says:

    How many cookies do you get for a buck fifty?

  7. Hayley says:

    I remember pairing cinnamon toast with the Komodo Dragon when we did our 8 wk bold promo…it was good! I think the African beans boast a brown spice in some of them…I guess that’s pretty much what perrik said now that I’m reading the above post.

  8. Rebecca Gunn says:

    See Starbucks here just doesnt have this sort of variation, which is partially why I love exploring American chains heh

    I found one Starbucks in a Borders selling Cheesecake Factory stuff, another selling their own brand stuff and yet another with that *really* nice Apple and Cinnamon type drink last August. Now I’m going back to the US in 3 weeks time and looking forward to trying these things and the new custom frappachinos!

  9. Katherine says:

    Are these also vegan? (I hope I hope I hope)

    It would only make sense to appease the masses with this stuff- everybody on MSI seems to have a special diet, but gluten free and vegan seemed to top the list.

  10. Karl Dahlquist says:

    Well, I don’t think you will find these snack items in the licensed stores that are in Supermarkets, because there are a ton more snacks for cheaper prices on another aisle! I did however buy a coffee scoop at a licensed store, and found a Starbucks Holiday ornament but somehow lost it again before checkout!

    I did try the butter popcorn on @Melody’s recommendation…and I could swear I tasted a caramel flavor in it. (And no, I dont order those glob-monster caramel frappuccinos with extra caramel dripping down the sides of the cup) I guess I am kind of a popcorn snob…which makes up for the fact that I really can’t tell the difference between a Ghiradelli, Lindt’s, ScharffenBerger or Hershey’s Dark chocolate bar….

  11. Brendon says:

    Doesn’t Starbucks now make a cinnamon coffee, would be perfect for the cookies! Just kidding. For me, the best cookies ever at Starbucks are Madelines. So good, and quite dunkable.

  12. Cocoa says:

    the Cinnamon ones are my favorite and the chocolate chip are #2. I’m right there with you, dunking them in a latte :) They are also great to dump the crumbs on top of a Java chip Frapp too! Too bad for the recent ingredient change, some of the frapps contain gluten so I can’t risk any of them now (cross-contamination). Oh well, what can ya do?

  13. Corvex Corvidae says:

    Those things are amazing. Hands down.

  14. Lauren Gray says:

    I can’t believe I haven’t picked up these cookies! I too have eyed them several times. I can’t believe they don’t have milk OR eggs in them. I can’t wait to try them now. Thanks for sharing your insight on everything Starbucks and I look forward to reading your future blogs about new Starbucks items and just your thoughts in general!

  15. darkkatpouncing says:

    I NEED to try these cookies. I like the fact that they are tiny snack sized bags. If I’m feeling nibbly it would be a good way to feed the sweet tooth without going overboard. I also enjoy dunking yummy treats in my coffee. I’d be interested in seeing the carb and sugar content. I’m thinking it shouldn’t be too bad :) Now that I have some serious cravings for these cinnamon cookies I will have to stop in this weekend at my local starbucks and try them! And the popcorn! :) Once again – thank you for sharing the goods! 😉

  16. Steve says:

    But how many do you get for $1.50??

  17. denise r. says:

    Steve: I think you need to make your way into a Sbux store! ???

  18. Anthony says:

    Katherine, they’re vegan (I’ve gotten them at Whole Foods). I haven’t seen them at Starbucks here in Philadelphia, though.

  19. andrew says:

    Mel, another great post examining some of Starbucks’ newest and tastiest offerings. Although I haven’t tried Lucy’s cookies yet, I am definitely going to buy a bag (or two) of these dunkable treats. I was previously dunking madeleines in my morning Americano, but these French treats are just too soft for a proper ‘dunking.’ I’m excited to test your theory.

    Thanks for talking about these new treats!


  20. CaBarista says:

    @perrik I do believe Melody was referring to popcorn being a bad pairing with coffee lol. Cinnamon is delightful with Sumatra.

  21. Melody says:

    @CaBarista – Oops! Sorry to be confusing. I haven’t figured out how to pair popcorn with coffee at all. LOL. I thought Sumatra was okay with the cinnamon but not spectacular. Sumatra has savory notes like mushrooms, or even bell pepper, in my humble opinion. I thought there could be a better match. I tried the Cinnamon Thins with (Red) today and thought that was a very good option. I also wonder how Verona would work.? Verona typically pairs well sweet items. Give a couple of coffees a try when you get a chance and tell me which is best!

  22. Katherine says:

    @Anthony, thanks for the vegan confirmation :) I figured with no milk and eggs they would be, but didn’t know if they slipped butter in there or something.


    whenever you mention anything I feel compelled to go try it myself. Your website offers good reviews because it comes from a trusted and critical source that tells the truth.

  24. perrik says:

    I meant Sumatra + cinnamon cookies – yikes, I don’t even want to know how Sumatra pairs with popcorn! (roasted corn, though… that could be tasty)

    Gold Coast might be really compatible with the cinnamon thins, too. Or Espresso Roast? Okay, I’ve got to buy a packet of cookies and do some taste tests. Purely for scientific reasons, of course.

  25. purple1 says:

    Melody- you are not the first person to say they do not have a printer at home and I really think SB is missing the boat on this one that goes beyond giving out the coupons. As you have so indicated, I think there are a certain number of coupons that they do not want people to redeem. I was almost tempted not to download the software, but I did to try their new ice cream. I enjoyed their low fat coffee ice cream but then they stopped it. Another poor choice. I really think they have a long way to go re customer service. And there also seems to be a difference in what is available only online and what one can get in the store. I might buy something in the store, but not purchase it online.

  26. elly says:


    i think she said about 5. i haven’t checked for myself though…

  27. My vote is for K-Drag or Guatemala as the ideal pairing for cinnamon. Third choice for me would be Estima. Or, try 3-Region Blend! (aka “Clearance” blend) It’s everything you want it to be–all at the same time!

  28. AmazonV says:

    I purchased the sugar cookies for breakfast with my soy no water chai this morning for breakfast, they taste like sweet granola, weird but yummy.

    I also bought the chocolate chip and cinnamon and will let you know what I think once i try them.

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