Starbucks Coffee Gear store: March update and a giveaway!

IMAG4016 Coffee Gear Store - Starbucks grocery sacks made from plastic bottles 22 Feb 2013The Starbucks Coffee Gear store is open to the public, and located on the eighth floor of the Starbucks headquarters.  The address is 2401 Utah Avenue South, Seattle, Washington, 98134.  Yes, you should visit next time you’re in Seattle!

When you go to the Starbucks Coffee Gear store, you’ll find unique merchandise items not sold anywhere else.  (If you are a partner, you can buy most of the merchandise online at  Once every few months, I drop by to see what’s new at the store.  Their merchandise changes frequently.  The Starbucks cycling jerseys seem to be in stock year round.  You can browse all my articles on the Starbucks Coffee Gear store here.

The one item that jumped out at me as being a super cool new item was the Starbucks logo grocery sack made from recycled bottles.

I bought one of them at the end of February,  and used it right away at the grocery store!  As everyone knows, just as it’s the green thing to do to bring your own cup to Starbucks, it’s also “green” to bring your own sacks to the grocery.  And here in Seattle, there are no plastic sacks at the grocery store (banned by city ordinance) and you get charged for having not brought in your own bag.  It’s usually about five to ten cents bag charge, however I think the merchant can legally charge you a 25 cent fee for needing a paper bag at the grocery.  I love this grocery sack. It’s strong, large, and works great at the grocery!

New: iPhone 5 official cases:

The new iPhone 5 official Starbucks cases are finally in.  I had dropped by in February, and they weren’t in yet, and on today’s visit (March 25, 2013), I discovered that they’ve just come in.  I know that several readers have told me that they want an iPhone 5 Starbucks cover.  There are two styles.  One is the “Year of the Snake” design, and the other is in black and has the star pattern associated with My Starbucks Rewards:

6748 iPhone 5 official Starbucks cases - Coffee Gear store 25March2013

Looking at those iPhone covers almost makes me wish I had an iPhone, but I really like my Android.  I think I prefer the black stars pattern one.


I have fabulous prizes to giveaway, courtesy of the wonderful people who run the Coffee Gear Store.  You’re entering to win two great bags – One is the “Cape Code Tote.”  That one has the logo on the front, and it’s a nice sturdy canvas bag.  It’s an item that is not being re-ordered, so it won’t be available much longer.  The other is one of the new Starbucks logo grocery bags made from recycled bottles.  These two bags are super handy and your friends will be jealous!

Here are your bags, if you’re the winner:

6757 Grocery tote Starbucks made from recycled bottles 25March2013

6754 Lovely Cape Cod Starbucks logo tote bag - Coffee Gear store 25March2013

Here is how to enter:

1. Leave a comment below – You must tell me what merchandise you really want to see at Starbucks.  This is your chance to be creative.  If you want Starbucks snow globes, playing cards, or more holiday collectibles, please don’t hold back!  What Starbucks logo merchandise would you want to buy?

2. One entry per person.  You must be over age 18 to enter.

3.  There will be one winner, based upon the number of entries.  The winner will be picked at random.

4. Contest closes on April 5, 2013 at 9:00 p.m. PST.  (Or it closes when there are 250 valid entries, whichever occurs first.)

5.  You must have an address within the United States.

6. While it is not mandatory, I would hope that you would “like” the page too.

Please bear with me.  This will definitely be a test of my newly-installed comment system.  I have noticed that the number of comments in the napkin icon is not updating regularly, but you can always look at new comments in the right rail column.  Give me a few days to draw a winner.  Your prize will be mailed directly to you from the Starbucks Coffee Gear store.

As always, sending me an email, or leaving a Facebook comment is not a valid entry.  It must be an actual comment on the blog.

FTC required disclosure:  This giveaway is sponsored by the Starbucks Coffee Gear store.  Thank you so much for offering to do this!


And just a few more pictures from the Coffee Gear store:

6750 Baby Starbucks logo gear set - Starbucks coffee gear storeIMAG4022 Coffee gear store - cycling jersey Starbucks 22 Feb 20136753 Seattle Mugs Starbucks coffee gear storeIMAG4030 Stars taster cups Coffee Gear Store 22Feb2013

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119 thoughts on “Starbucks Coffee Gear store: March update and a giveaway!”

  1. Hi Melody, always great reporting by you. Bedding would be great! Yes it could be with a big Starbucks logo in the center of the comforter but lets be more refined. The word Starbucks vertically on the side of the pillowcases and sheets and a sea of assorted small logos–the history of the logo–on on the comforter. (Bet Howard has a custom made set on his bed!)

  2. Melody I see you have 71 comments for this post and I have not received anywhere near this number in my inbox. What is happening?

    1. Purple1, I don’t know. I don’t have a fix. I mentioned that Disqus is acting glitchy on my end. For example, I’ll get an email notification of a new comment to moderate, and go to the moderation panel, and it takes several minutes to show up. And the comments numbers on the Teavana article never worked. There’s no answer. I can’t easily undo this. If I were rich, I would pour all my time into this blog, and pay someone to do lots of recoding, and I’d look for another comment system – I don’t know if Intense Debate or Livefyre will have the same problems. I am just ever thankful that Brad (a friend) offered to work on the blog for me. I owe him! I know that for me, it’s a little easier to follow the discussions if I click ‘newest’ when reading the comments. I am not totally sure how you subscribe to comments anymore.

    2. I think the disparity between the actual comments and the number you are being emailed is a result of the sync between TWO COMMENT SYSTEMS.

      You can get a full feed of ALL DISQUS COMMENT activity here:

      But I know you want the emails, so if you paste that link into you will be able to get a customizable feed of ALL comments (realtime, every two hours, every four hours, etc).

      I hope I can get a better solution implemented soon, but this should work.

  3. I’m not the most creative person ever so all I can really think of is having more selection of items they already offer, especially tote bags, coffee mugs, notebooks (actually, not sure if they have those at all), and iPhone cases. I do really like that tote bag with the green stripes though! Oh, also I wish the $1 reusable cups came in all sizes. I would fully support any product that encouraged environmental awareness!

  4. I would like to see playing cards and snowglobes. Wouldn’t take up too much shelf space and they can be carried year round. I have so many mugs and tumblers and would like to see more of a variety. Thanks Mel.

  5. I had an opportunity to visit the coffee gear store while Seattle and wasn’t disappointed. That cape code tote is awesome. I’d love to see things like napkins and tablecloths in Starbucks green.

  6. We don’t have a coffee gear store here in the UK (not that i’m aware of), but those iPhone covers look cool, send me some over? :)

  7. This is more of a food item rather than a merchandise, but I really wish they had chocolate covered coffee beans in their stores! I see chocolate covered almonds and other snacks but I have yet to encounter their coffee beans covered in chocolate. I think it would be a pretty cool idea. Merch wise, I wish they had tanktops/muscle tees. I have never seen those from Bucks although I’ve seen other clothing items!

  8. Question – Special deal codes have been appearing in my rewards (sometimes with an alert email and sometimes not – a refresher deal expired before I knew about it). A recent one is code 352 and described $2 off espresso – but today I got an email that says that code is $2 off a macchiato. I guess my question is … have they been doing this for a while, and shouldn’t we get some alert about them? (Melody, I think you have the Android app – does it do alerts?)

    1. Hi theaternut – Yes, I have been getting special deals too, and haven’t used them all. I just got an email for $1 off espresso, not $2. Did not receive the Refresher one at all. The entire topic might be a worthwhile blog topic for a new article. The new strategy appears to be to use the app to lure more people in who have been coming to Starbucks less often. The reverse side is that if you’re a frequent customer, you receive fewer rewards. :-/

    2. I’ve been noticing these too. I saw the refreshers and “espresso” one a few days before I got the emails. I’m also confused about the app stating a $2 expresso discount and the email only mentioning macchiatos.

    3. I’ve been getting offers for beverage deals too, likely because all of my purchases are for food. I think that if they’re offering deals to those that don’t come as often it’s great for them because they aren’t getting as many free rewards as someone that comes two or three times a day. It all evens out fairly :)

  9. This disqualification thin is crazy. If my first post didn’t go through here go again. again I would love to see Starbucks hockey jerseys to add to my collection

  10. I would love to see the key size cards comes back, as this is very handy for most of us who is a starbuck junkies, i have mine that i need to retire but need one to replace it with . help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  11. With the addition of Teavana to the company and with Tazo revamping their look, I’d love to see tea tins sold in the Starbucks stores! It has the potential to output some really creative designs! And coming from a girl who already has sooo many ceramic mugs, I’d be collecting those things like there’s no tomorrow!

  12. I think my answer went away? I want Siren sunnies! They had $2 sunglasses for a while but they said Starbucks at the temple. I want our gorgeous siren peering out.

    1. It’s there Jess! It’s way at the bottom now because there are so many comments. I hope no one else finds this thread. This is going to be something else to go through one by one and figure out who has entered in. Since there were no in-line replies in my old comment system, it was easier to figure out entries. I hope you get your Siren spectacles too! :-P

  13. I would love to see Starbucks offer products from the villages that grow Starbucks coffee: baskets from Rwanda, pottery from South America, etc. Let’s do more for the places that grow the coffee that makes all this possible.

  14. Hey Melody – I’d love to see more designer partnerships for merchandise, like last year’s Rodarte collection. I’m also interested in stickers and iPhone cases

  15. Melody as an update and Brad too thanks for your input. I do check off newest for comments and Brad I finally got back to the this blog post and followed your suggestions and hopefully it will work. Thank you.

  16. I love canvas bags for my every day life. I take them everywhere. None of the Starbucks stores here have shirts or any sort of apparel.

  17. So utterly cool! I’d love to get lost in there every month! :-D I would love if they came out w/glass mugs again. I bought the green recycled ones a few years back and absolutely love them. But in the years since, they’ve only had tumblers or whatever. But I live in an apartment so I use glass for everything so my counters and walls don’t look junked up.
    Other than that, I’d love if they came up with a really great keychain. And if your giving feedback at all in general. I absolutely LOVED the gift-card mini books that you could buy for $25 that had individual $5 certs in it. Genius – and it saved a whole lot of plastic. :-D

  18. I would love to see a charm bracelet (with the coffees as charms) A starbucks
    (barista) friend bracelet would be great too!

  19. It sounds really weird, but some type of a toy (logo mermaid figurine?) or bracelets would be cool. I always drag my daughter into starbucks with me, but she’s not crazy about any of the kid drinks and the only thing that gets her through the quick visit is a cake pop currently.

  20. I’d like to see more city/state mugs. Bracelets, earrings and pins would be cool. Bring on more bears. I got one in Hawaii. Cutest thing ever! :-D Coffee cozies would be great in different colors and/or patterns.

  21. I would like to see more accessories, like earrings, headbands. More deals would be good too, as in free shipping.

  22. I would love to see t-shirts in our local stores. It would be fun if they were specific to the area too like the mugs.

  23. Oh gosh, I’ll try my best to keep this list short!
    Do you guys remember those little, cylinder, neon containers used for lunch money, arcade tokens, quarters, etc. that kids/teens would hang around their necks in the 90s? Something similar for VIA to be kept in on the go would be cool. Also, you know how there’s a stand/dispenser (like the carousel design) for K-cups? I think something similar should be made for storing your assorted VIAs on the kitchen counter, in an attractive fashion. I would love to be able to buy Starbucks-branded pens, notebooks, notepads, office supplies, stationary in general that’s fairly priced like the one dollar reusable cups. Siren Earbuds & USB cords, iPad accessories would be fun to use & show my love for Starbucks. More kitchen storage items would be nice, such as trendy canisters to store sugar, coffee, tea, etc.. I love the playing cards idea that Melody mentioned, I would totally buy those. Key chains, coin purses, & charm bracelets w/ different modifiers & drinks as charms to collect and complete your favorite Starbucks drink on a bracelet. How cool would that be?! I love how I can buy their syrups, but it would be great if they sold mini green & silver whipped cream dispensers. More espresso shot glasses & demitasse cups sold either individually or in a set w/ small plates, etc. would be wonderful. These bags, both the canvas & reusable grocery one, are so wonderfully practical & useful, it be great if they’d make & sold affordable ones at each store to help w/ customers (& Baristas) be more Green.

    Oh well, I tried keeping it short! Ha, I’ve given this subject much thought in the past, as you can tell. A link of this thread should be posted on MSI, I think. With every blog post, I wish more & more to visit Seattle & have a Starbucks-themed Girls’ Day w/ Melody, haha. = )

  24. I would love a Starbucks umbrella, a large one and a compact one. One to store in my vehicle and one for my office.

    1. I totally like the idea of Starbucks logo umbrellas too. They sold one at the coffee gear store a few years ago. It was green and white with the logo – very nice!

  25. I would love to see more of these kinds of totes available at Starbucks along with plastic playing cards, cool pens, and journals

  26. I really like the idea of snowglobes haha!! I haven’t been particularly pleased with the past couple Christmases at Starbucks, I think there needs to be a little more variety.

  27. Okay, I think this is the complete list of entrants. I hope to announce the winner no later than Friday, and then I will let the coffee gear store know too.

    1. KristenMarie
    2. Michelle (What else
    could a Boston-based baby want but a Cape Cod Tote)
    3. Elisabeth Mary Bueche Tighe
    4. ShayneK. Sodetani
    5. Bobby
    6. Purple1
    7. Devin
    8. Dana
    9. DadCooks
    10. tscateh
    11. Jamie
    12. MarlowMoo
    13. Lonnie Hill
    14. Piiha-Lotta Jerevall Jannok
    15. Michelle (Wants more stainless steel tumblers)
    16. Keri Pickering
    17. Vicky
    18. TK Hoff
    19. Laily Haikal
    20. Lisa C
    21. Kristen H.
    22. Rachel
    23. DeniseR
    24. Maureen
    25. Maxie
    26. Brian Chow
    27. Kimberly
    28. Jocelyn
    29. Hayley
    30. wendyjean1313
    31. GeeWhy
    32. kyla j
    33. Samantha Anaya
    35. Jess
    36. Monica Dillow
    37. Rachel (Timbuk2 messenger bag).
    38. Becky E.
    39. Cheryl M.
    40. Elly
    41. Lori
    42. Neilly
    43. Tara
    44. Krystin
    45. Karen
    46. Zakin
    47. Joe King
    48. Stephanie
    49. Amy Adams Delfin
    50. Kit
    51. Natasha Ross
    52. Jim
    53. Elaine Chen
    54. Kurt
    55. Mrs. Fain
    56. Audrey K.
    57. Lana Peterson
    58. Hal Ginsberg
    59. Quynh
    60. Linda O.
    61. Michael
    62. Sharlene
    63. Allie Rambles
    64. Wendy
    65. Jimi
    66. Sooni
    67. TheatreNut
    68. JeffF
    69. Tim Sandor
    70. Nathan Hilfilker
    71. Pencil to paper
    72. Lorna Lecroix
    73. Derrick
    74. Wayne Chow
    75. Polly Saipinthong
    76. Kayla ActualLaser
    77. Organic FT Dave
    78. SusiTrvl
    79. JordanFriedman
    80. Jen
    81. Rachel (Glass mugs)
    82. Susie
    83. Melissa Williams
    84. Calwatch
    85. Amanda
    86. Sheri
    87. Loren Anderson
    88. Bill
    89. Elizabeth79
    90. VivianS.
    91. Travis
    92. Angie
    93. Robin
    94. Anita
    95. TheKwan
    96.Earl Dizon

  28. Hello. How do I get hold of one of those heavy duty Starbucks patio umbrellas you see outside of their stores at various locations?

    One would look really cool on my deck.

    Thanks. Please contact me by email. Ed

  29. I also want to have a STARBUCKS patio umbrella, where is this available? I am anxious to see your response, Thank you! Denise Obrien

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