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A Trip to the Starbucks Coffee Gear Store and More.

My haul at the Starbucks Coffee Gear Store 29 Aug 2014On a number of occasions, I’ve mentioned that there is a physical Starbucks Coffee Gear store. It’s a place where you might find unique Starbucks logo-ed or word-marked items, not offered inside the actual Starbucks stores. The one Coffee Gear Store is on the 8th floor of the Starbucks headquarters building, at 2401 Utah Avenue South. It’s open to the public, and operates standard business hours, Monday through Friday. If you’re a partner (meaning a Starbucks employee), you can order online from the Starbucks Coffee Gear store website.

I dropped by the Coffee Gear store on Friday, August 29th. As you can see, there are pens, pencils, keychains, official Starbucks work shirts, iPhone cases, recycled Starbucks bags and much more. Have a look at some of the stuff you might find at this one-of-a-kind store:

IMAG1920 Starbucks umbrellaIMAG1919 - Barista work shirts 29 August 2014 Starbucks Coffee Gear storeIMAG1916 Soccer bag - Starbucks Coffee Gear store 29August2014IMAG1913 Starbucks wristlets - Coffee Gear StoreIMAG1912 Starbucks SunglassesIMAG1899 Starbucks iPhone cases at the Starbucks Coffee Gear storeIMAG1902 Insulated Lunch CoolerIMAG1910 Wine bottle green apron 29Aug14IMAG1907 Large Starbucks shopping bags - grocery sack size

In fact, I regularly get asked what to do that’s Starbucks-related when visiting Seattle. There really is a lot of see. I’ve done previous articles on this topic, but Starbucks is quick to open new stores and so my list of what to do has changed a little over time. Here are my top Starbucks-vacation ideas:

  1. Visit the Coffee Gear Store. That’s a must-do thing if you’re doing a Starbucks tour of Seattle. Go to 2401 Utah Avenue South in Seattle and head up to the 8th floor. From there, you’ll easily find it off the elevators, to your right.
  2. Visit the Starbucks Roastery – Okay, we’ll you can’t do this yet because it’s under construction right now. It’s on the corner of Pike and Minor, just past the downtown area, into Capitol Hill-First Hill neighborhood in Seattle. My guess is that it will open in late December.
  3. Visit 1912 Pike Place Starbucks – You can visit the store “where it all began.” You’ll find unique merchandise, hand-crafted espresso with a manual espresso machine, and a friendly experience.
  4. Visit Roy Street Coffee and Tea – This is one of the few “experimental” Starbucks stores. Its menu and store design hardly even resemble a Starbucks. There are no blenders. Beer and wine is available. And you’ll get a beautiful shot of espresso from a manual machine. You can pay with your Starbucks card and earn a star but there’s no way to use a reward at Roy Street.
  5. Visit an Evolution Fresh Juice Bar – Starbucks operates several Evolution Fresh juice bars. There’s one on Pine Street downtown as well as one in Seattle’s University Village shopping area. Don’t forget to pick up a collectible Evolution Fresh Starbucks card while you’re there.
  6. Visit a concept shipping container Starbucks – Seattle has two of them. One is the original shipping container store, called the “reclamation” concept store in Tukwila (on the edge of Seattle and Tukwila.) There’s also a shipping container Starbucks in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.
  7. Visit the Teavana concept store in University Village – This store is spacious and has an assortment of food and beverage. You can enjoy a carbonated tea, lunch, and smell lots of wonderful loose leaf teas.
  8. Visit the “skybucks” Starbucks – This Starbucks is located on the 40th floor of the Columbia Tower in downtown Seattle. The Starbucks itself is quite normal, however it’s on the only Starbucks in Seattle where you can enjoy your latte and spectacular views of the city from the 40th floor of Seattle’s tallest building. The views make it fantastic – and it’s open to the public!
  9. Visit East Olive Way Starbucks – This large store has a fireplace, one of a kind design, beer, wine, small plates, and offers regular coffee seminar events every other Monday evening (call ahead to confirm their schedule). You’ll find this store at the corner of East Olive Way and Summit, in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Here it is on the Starbucks store locator.
  10. Visit the University Village III Starbucks – This is a very beautiful store and is worth visiting just for that reason alone!
  11. Take a ferry from Seattle to visit the new Bainbridge Island Starbucks, on High School Road at the Island Village Shopping Center.

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The Really Cool Kids Use Starbucks Pencils. (And Starbucks Cycling Jerseys are Here)

This is another look at what’s new at the Starbucks Coffee Gear Store. As a reminder, there are two ways that a person can shop at the Coffee Gear Store. If you are a partner, you may shop online at Anyone – both customer and partners – can shop at the one physical location on the eighth floor of the Starbucks headquarters (also called the SSC or Starbucks Support Center), located at 2401 Utah Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134. The physical store is open Monday through Friday (closed on major holidays when the headquarters is closed) during normal business hours. It is open to the public. It’s not obvious from the street, but go to the headquarters, head to the eighth floor and you’ll find it.

I dropped by the other day and saw that they had these #2 pencils! Something about them is so adorable!

IMAG0389 Starbucks pencilsThe pencils are 75 cents each. I’m tempted to go back and buy a handful just to have them.

The new Starbucks logo cycling jerseys have arrived. These are consistently a very popular item. During the winter months, the store was briefly out of them. They sell well so you might want to get one soon if you’ve got your heart set on a cycling jersey:

IMAG0376 Cycling Jersey - FrontIMAG0377 Cycling Jersey - sideYou’ll still find stand by favorites like Starbucks keychains and mousepads:

IMAG0384 KeychainsIMAG0382 MousepadsThere are new Starbucks golf polo shirts in. They didn’t really excite all that much but here they are:

IMAG0375 golf shirtsAnd there’s a new logo Starbucks tote bag in the Coffee Gear Store now too:

IMAG0373 Tote bagHope you enjoyed this quick trip to the Starbucks Coffee Gear Store!

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The Starbucks Coffee Gear Store.

IMAG9820 Burlap sign for coffee gear store 1 April 2014I dropped by the Starbucks Coffee Gear store on April 1, 2014. It’s been several months since I’ve written about it. This is the store where customers can buy logo t-shirts, keychains, infant bibs, pins, mousepads, and much more. The merchandise at the Coffee Gear Store rotates often, so I check back in now and then to see what’s new.

If you’re a Starbucks partner, you can go purchase Coffee Gear merchandise through their website. If you’re a customer, you can visit the one physical location of the Starbucks Coffee Gear store: 2401 Utah Avenue South, 8th Floor, Seattle, WA 98134. The actual store is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 4:30 p.m and it is open to the public. Just go to the Starbucks headquarters and take the elevators to the 8th floor. You’ll see their front entrance to your right off the elevators. Partners receive their discount when shopping at the actual Coffee Gear store location.

You can browse past articles on the Coffee Gear Store here.

The thing that really caught my eye during this visit was the new iPhone case. I have an Android phone, but if I used an iPhone, I’d love to have a case like this:

IMAG9839 iPhone 5 case Starbucks coffee gear store 1 April 2014If you’re in Seattle, this a must-visit Starbucks stop, along with 1912 Pike Place Starbucks, Roy Street Coffee and Tea, and a few other unique sights. I wrote this article about one year ago, but it still have some good Starbucks-vacation tips in it: The Top Ten Starbucks vacation sights in Seattle. (In that article: The Tazo Tea store is now a Teavana store, which is absolutely worth visiting too.)

Enjoy a few more photos from this trip to the Coffee Gear Store! I only took a few pictures of what’s available. If you go visit, you’ll find a lot more than what’s shown below.

IMAG9842 Logo grocery sack made from recycled bottlesIMAG9841 iPhone caseIMAG9838 Star pattern coffee tasting cup 1 April 2014IMAG9832 Pride T-shirt display with soccer ball and water bottleIMAG9829 Child sized green apron Starbucks Coffee gear store 1 April 2013IMAG9828 Small tote bags Starbucks Coffee Gear store 1 April 2014IMAG9835 star journal



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Enter to Win a Starbucks Gift Set from the Coffee Gear Store.

DSC00121 Umbrella Water Bottle Tote Bag - 20 Dec 2013DSC00118 copyThank you to the Starbucks Coffee Gear Store for sponsoring this great giveaway!  The prize is a gift set including a Starbucks umbrella, Three Region small tote, and a Starbucks water bottle.  The winner will be drawn at random.  If you want to enter in, just leave a comment with your favorite Starbucks Christmas or winter-time holiday memory below – it could be anything Christmas-holiday-seasonal!  Maybe it’s the first time you tried the holiday beverages or a Starbucks gift that spoke to you?  It does have to relate to Starbucks.

There are a few rules.  I will delete all off topic comments!  You really do have to tie your comment to the Starbucks holiday season.  Please enter with a valid email address so that I can easily reach you, if you are the winner.  You must be over age eighteen.  The odds of winner depends upon the number of comments below, or one in 150, depending upon the number of valid entries.  No more than 150 comments may be posted in this thread.  I will lock the thread at 150 comments.  You must post your entry before December 31, 2013, at 5:00 p.m. PST.  Only one entry is allowed per person.

I cringe to say this, but I must: Every time I do a giveaway, I get some entries that don’t follow the rules.  The two most common problems are as follows – for some reason, some people will try to send me an email with their entry rather than leaving a comment directly on this blog.  You really do have leave a blog comment below.  The other thing is simply that some people will try to leave an off-topic comment – I will not approve an off-topic comment.

Best of luck to you!  Hope you win the tote, umbrella, and water bottle!  Thank you to the Starbucks Coffee Gear Store for sponsoring this!

(Edit:  I can tell by the comments in moderation that I’ve managed to confuse a number of people with this giveaway.  The comment must be on point, relating to specifically Starbucks and the Christmas season.  I probably should have required the words either “Holiday” or “Christmas” in the comment because so many people are leaving comments that could be year-round activities.  I think that some people read it as Starbucks or the holiday seasonal memories.  It’s “and” and not “or.”  And, I won’t approve a comment if I have guess why it fits – a few people have left me comments about holiday things they like to do, without ever mentioning Starbucks.  And a few people are leaving Starbucks comments that are Starbucks mugs/cups/drinks that are available year-round.  I’m sorry to have created such a confusing giveaway.  Contact me if you have questions.  Despite the confusion, I’m surprised at the how fast new comments are coming! Thanks!  If you don’t see your comment below, try re-writing it again with clarity around “holiday” or “Christmas”.  Thanks.)


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A Look at the Starbucks Coffee Gear Store – December 2013

DSC00111 Interior Starbucks Coffee Gear Store 20 Dec 2013The Starbucks Coffee Gear store is located on the 8th floor of 2401 Utah Avenue South, Seattle, Washington, 98134.  That is the Starbucks headquarters.  The Coffee Gear Store is open to the public!  Anyone can go shopping there!  The merchandise offered changes often, and so over the years I’ve produced this blog, I’ve revisited the store many times.  If you are a Starbucks partner, you can purchase the store’s gear online at

The store’s hours are normal business hours, Monday through Friday.  I dropped by on Friday, December 20th.  It had been a while since I had visited.  There were a number of new items plus a number of standard favorites, such as key chains, pens, and magnets.  You can take a look at my old articles on the Coffee Gear Store here.

Some of the new items now available at the store are new mouse pads, a new vest, a soccer ball, and new journals.  You can buy an umbrella with the word Starbucks on it, as well as water bottles, baby bibs, and little baby caps.


Check back here at on Christmas Day for a giveaway, sponsored by the Coffee Gear Store!

Take a look at the fun logo stuff!  I hope that someday you get the chance to visit this store.  I do know that I’ve had a number readers tell me that they made a point of visiting this store while on vacation in Seattle.

By the way, if you’re enjoying this blog’s articles, I hope you’ll take a moment and subscribe.  There is a box in the right-hand side column of this blog to enter your email address.  You’ll then get every article emailed to you.  Also, please do click “like” also.  The blog’s Facebook page is quite a bit different than the blog in that I post a lot of photos from my day to day Starbucks visits – those pics almost never make it here to the blog.  Thank you.

DSC00118 copyDSC00114 Vest with logo on the back - Starbucks Coffee Gear storeDSC00108 Car charger standard USB charger - 20 Dec 2013DSC00104 New Starbucks Journals - 20 Dec 2013DSC00101 3 Region large tote bagDSC00100 Star pattern tasting cup 20 Dec 2013DSC00099 Cap and bib Starbucks Coffee Gear Store 20 Dec 2013DSC00097 Starbucks soccer ball 20 Dec 2013 Starbucks Coffee Gear StoreDSC00094 Starbucks Mouse Pads - 20 Dec 2013DSC00091 Starbucks Mouse Pads - 20 Dec 2013DSC00089 Starbucks Scarf - 20 Dec 2013 Starbucks Coffee Gear Store


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The Cute Three Region Blend Small Shopper Bag – Starbucks Coffee Gear Store

IMAG6455 Small 3 Region Blend bag - Starbucks coffee gear store - 2 August 2013I dropped by the Starbucks Coffee Gear Store today (August 2, 2013) and just fell in love with these adorable small shopper, Three Region Blend-designed bags.  I love the Three Region Blend artwork.  It’s very pretty.  The coffee bag’s design went through a major overhaul, and so the current Three Region Blend design is new for 2013.  Also at the Coffee Gear Store, was a little larger version of the same bag, with a white background, not gray.

Just as a reminder, the Starbucks Coffee Gear is open to the public.  You do not need to be a Starbucks employee (Starbucks calls their employees “Partners”) to go shopping at this store.  It’s open Monday through Friday, normal business hours, and is located on the eighth floor of the Starbucks headquarters, at 2401 Utah Avenue South.

The Starbucks headquarters has its front doors along First Avenue South, and you want to go inside and take the elevators up to the eighth floor.  Off to your right is a small store, open to the public.

Most of the merchandise at the Coffee Gear Store is exclusive to that store.  For example, it’s the only place where you can buy a Starbucks cycling jersey.  There are child’s sized green aprons, a variety of keychains, t-shirts, pens, books, and several great tote bags, and much more.  The Three Region Blend inspired merchandise is new, as I already mentioned.

I’ll just leave you drooling over my new little tote bag. ;)  You can get more of sense of this store’s special merchandise by scrolling through some of the older Coffee Gear Store articles.

Here are a few more pictures from today’s visit:

IMAG6439 Large 3 Region Blend bag 2 August 2013IMAG6444 New shirt Coffee Gear store - 2 August 2013IMAG6443 Seattle coffee mugs 2 August 2013 Coffee Gear storeIMAG6446 Siren Sign Language key chains - 2 August 2013 - Starbucks coffee gear storeIMAG6453 Coffee Gear store - 2 August 2013IMAG6448 Classic Siren Mug - 2 August 2013 - Starbucks Coffee Gear storeIMAG6447 Wall of coffee gear clothes 2 August 2013IMAG6440 Merchandise on a table coffee gear store 2 August 2013


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Starbucks Headquarters: Coffee Gear Store and More.

I dropped by the Starbucks headquarters this past Friday (May 10th).  It’s affectionately called the “SSC” – The Starbucks Support Center.  You will find the SSC at 2401 Utah Avenue South, Seattle, Washington, 98134.  Take the Link Light Rail to the SODO station, and simply walk west to First and Lander Streets, and you cannot miss it.

The Coffee Gear Store is open to the public – take the elevators to the 8th floor to find it.  I know that sometimes there is confusion that you might have to be a Starbucks partner to shop there.  At least as far as going to the one physical Starbucks Coffee Gear Store in the headquarters, anyone can shop there.  It is open to the public.  This is the place to find unusual logo merchandise that cannot be had anywhere else.  There are logo tote bags, t-shirts, sweatshirts, headbands, pens, magnets, key chains, and much more.

On this visit, I noticed a few new things:

IMAG5094 Starbucks Striped Tote Coffee Gear Store 10 May 2013IMAG5095 BackPack Starbucks 10 May 2013 Coffee Gear StoreIMAG5066 Starbucks wristlet 10 May 2013 Coffee Gear store


I noticed these tiny Starbucks logo buttons, which I am told are a top seller right now. They’re very new to the store.  Apparently, you place them on the “home” button of your iPad or iPhone.  Since I am much more an Android user myself, I was a little confused.  I can’t say that I’d ever noticed buttons  for i-devices before, but I will definitely pay attention now.

Here’s the little iPhone buttons:

IMAG5065 Starbucks Button Dots for iPhone 10 may 2013

I waited in the lobby of the headquarters, as I was meeting a partner there that day.  I noticed these coffee mugs in the lobby of the Starbucks Support Center:

IMAG5068 Visitor mugs in lobby of the SSC 10 may 2013

They tickle my funny-bone!   They’d be a little better if they said “VIP Visitor” on them. ;)  Seriously, I think they’re kind of cute, and since I was very thirsty, I walked around holding a “Visitor” mug in my hand, filled with water.  It’s funny but I posted this picture on the Facebook side of this blog already, and one person found them offensive.  I think that’s reading too much into them.  I got a good laugh out of these mugs- and I very much wanted to take one home with me! (Of course, I returned the mug at the end of my visit).

I dropped by to say a quick goodbye to a friend who is a Starbucks partner.  She’s leaving Seattle, and will be gone shortly so this was my chance to say goodbye over a cup of coffee.  She’s not leaving Starbucks, rather moving to a new region.  As I was inside the SSC, I noticed this sign:

IMAG5093 Visit to the Starbucks Headquarters 10 may 2013 Old Siren sign from Pike Place Starbucks

The funny thing is, I am sure I have walked past that sign before at some point in the past, yet never snapped a pic of it before.  My friend thought maybe the sign had come from the store at 1912 Pike Place, but I’ve been told that it came from the original Starbucks roasting plant on Airport Way in Seattle.  Actually, the 2010 Airport Way facility was a consolidated roasting plant and headquarters for Starbucks up until about late 1993.  According to the Seattle Times, in 1993, Starbucks had grown to over 350 headquarters employees, and had outgrown their Airport Way headquarters/roasting plant location and the company moved their employees to their new headquarters location at 2401 Utah Avenue South in two phases.  That also means that as of this year, the company has been headquartered at 2401 Utah South for 20 years!

Here’s the Seattle Times article for the Starbucks history buffs reading this. ;)

Hope you enjoyed this trip to the SSC with me!

And for all the moms reading this, Happy Mother’s Day!  I hope someone is serving your coffee in bed!

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Starbucks Coffee Gear store: March update and a giveaway!

IMAG4016 Coffee Gear Store - Starbucks grocery sacks made from plastic bottles 22 Feb 2013The Starbucks Coffee Gear store is open to the public, and located on the eighth floor of the Starbucks headquarters.  The address is 2401 Utah Avenue South, Seattle, Washington, 98134.  Yes, you should visit next time you’re in Seattle!

When you go to the Starbucks Coffee Gear store, you’ll find unique merchandise items not sold anywhere else.  (If you are a partner, you can buy most of the merchandise online at  Once every few months, I drop by to see what’s new at the store.  Their merchandise changes frequently.  The Starbucks cycling jerseys seem to be in stock year round.  You can browse all my articles on the Starbucks Coffee Gear store here.

The one item that jumped out at me as being a super cool new item was the Starbucks logo grocery sack made from recycled bottles.

I bought one of them at the end of February,  and used it right away at the grocery store!  As everyone knows, just as it’s the green thing to do to bring your own cup to Starbucks, it’s also “green” to bring your own sacks to the grocery.  And here in Seattle, there are no plastic sacks at the grocery store (banned by city ordinance) and you get charged for having not brought in your own bag.  It’s usually about five to ten cents bag charge, however I think the merchant can legally charge you a 25 cent fee for needing a paper bag at the grocery.  I love this grocery sack. It’s strong, large, and works great at the grocery!

New: iPhone 5 official cases:

The new iPhone 5 official Starbucks cases are finally in.  I had dropped by in February, and they weren’t in yet, and on today’s visit (March 25, 2013), I discovered that they’ve just come in.  I know that several readers have told me that they want an iPhone 5 Starbucks cover.  There are two styles.  One is the “Year of the Snake” design, and the other is in black and has the star pattern associated with My Starbucks Rewards:

6748 iPhone 5 official Starbucks cases - Coffee Gear store 25March2013

Looking at those iPhone covers almost makes me wish I had an iPhone, but I really like my Android.  I think I prefer the black stars pattern one.


I have fabulous prizes to giveaway, courtesy of the wonderful people who run the Coffee Gear Store.  You’re entering to win two great bags – One is the “Cape Code Tote.”  That one has the logo on the front, and it’s a nice sturdy canvas bag.  It’s an item that is not being re-ordered, so it won’t be available much longer.  The other is one of the new Starbucks logo grocery bags made from recycled bottles.  These two bags are super handy and your friends will be jealous!

Here are your bags, if you’re the winner:

6757 Grocery tote Starbucks made from recycled bottles 25March2013

6754 Lovely Cape Cod Starbucks logo tote bag - Coffee Gear store 25March2013

Here is how to enter:

1. Leave a comment below – You must tell me what merchandise you really want to see at Starbucks.  This is your chance to be creative.  If you want Starbucks snow globes, playing cards, or more holiday collectibles, please don’t hold back!  What Starbucks logo merchandise would you want to buy?

2. One entry per person.  You must be over age 18 to enter.

3.  There will be one winner, based upon the number of entries.  The winner will be picked at random.

4. Contest closes on April 5, 2013 at 9:00 p.m. PST.  (Or it closes when there are 250 valid entries, whichever occurs first.)

5.  You must have an address within the United States.

6. While it is not mandatory, I would hope that you would “like” the page too.

Please bear with me.  This will definitely be a test of my newly-installed comment system.  I have noticed that the number of comments in the napkin icon is not updating regularly, but you can always look at new comments in the right rail column.  Give me a few days to draw a winner.  Your prize will be mailed directly to you from the Starbucks Coffee Gear store.

As always, sending me an email, or leaving a Facebook comment is not a valid entry.  It must be an actual comment on the blog.

FTC required disclosure:  This giveaway is sponsored by the Starbucks Coffee Gear store.  Thank you so much for offering to do this!


And just a few more pictures from the Coffee Gear store:

6750 Baby Starbucks logo gear set - Starbucks coffee gear storeIMAG4022 Coffee gear store - cycling jersey Starbucks 22 Feb 20136753 Seattle Mugs Starbucks coffee gear storeIMAG4030 Stars taster cups Coffee Gear Store 22Feb2013

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Looking for infant Starbucks logo shirts? December 2012 Coffee Gear Store update.

It has been a while since I’ve featured what’s new at the Starbucks Coffee Gear store.  I dropped by the Coffee Gear store today, and was surprised to see a small selection of Starbucks logo shirts for infants!  That’s truly for the hip and stylin’ little baby!

For new readers, let me recap what the Coffee Gear store is.  On March 8, 2011, the Starbucks Coffee Gear store opened up in its current location inside the Starbucks headquarters, and for the first time, opened to the general public.  You do not have to be a partner to go shopping for Starbucks logo merchandise at the one physical Coffee Gear store location.  There was indeed a Coffee Gear store before March 8, 2011, however it was open only to partners (or customers would have to be escorted in with a partner to gain access to the store).

The Coffee Gear store is located at the Starbucks headquarters:

Starbucks Coffee Gear Store
2401 Utah Avenue South, 8th floor
Seattle, WA 98134

The store is open Monday through Friday, normal business hours.  It’s closed on holidays and whenever the Starbucks headquarters is closed.

I know that I have a few readers who have actually taken a trip to this store; and I am sure I must have a few readers who have a visit to this store on their “to do” list when vacationing in Seattle!  The online Starbucks Coffee Gear store is open only to partners.   In short, the one physical store in Seattle is open to the general public, and the online store is for Starbucks employees only.

The merchandise available at this store is ever-changing, so I thoroughly enjoy dropping by and seeing what’s new!  In addition to the new little infant tops, there are also little baby blankets!

When it comes to new items, I have to admit that I thought this big and sturdy Starbucks mug (made especially for the coffee gear store) looked awesome!  It looks like you could enjoy a bowl of soup out of it:

And John (the very nice guy who runs the store!) mentioned that these new travel bags are very popular:

  The travel bags actually come in four colors: Orange, black, royal blue, and the pastel green.  I should have taken a photo of all the colors, but you can see two of them.  All four of them looked like they’d be fun to tote around, but the pastel green was my least favorite.  (Though I hear that’s a big seller!)

Other new items included a wine tote, and a photo album book.  I took a picture of a Starbucks rucksack too – I think it’s been around for a few months, but I haven’t mentioned it previously.

I get a kick of the logo merchandise at this store!  What would you want to see this store carry?  By the way, once in a while a few of the items in this store show up on the gear page – that’s one more option for finding logo Starbucks gear.


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Coffee Gear Store at Starbucks: Update November 2012

It’s been quite a few months since I have featured the Starbucks coffee gear store!  If you are ever visiting Seattle, don’t miss this store.  It’s one of a kind!  The Starbucks Coffee Gear store is a store full of interesting and unique Starbucks-branded items.  It’s open to the public.  You can visit Monday through Friday, normal business hours.  To visit, go to the Starbucks Headquarters at 2401 Utah Avenue South.  Take the elevators to the 8th floor.  You’ll find the store immediately to your right, as you exit the elevators.

Here’s the address again:

  • Starbucks Coffee Gear store
    2401 Utah Avenue South, 8th floor
    Seattle, WA 98134

One of the cutest new things at this  store are these new little tasting cups:

And who wouldn’t want to sport an umbrella that says Starbucks on it?

Here are just a few more pictures.  I also really like the cute little Starbucks Siren coasters.

Starbucks partners (Starbucks calls their employees “partners”) can order coffee gear merchandise through the online Coffee Gear store.  It looks like there are a couple of funny t-shirts which are only online item at the partner-only online store.

Customers (or partners) can also buy coffee gear items at  What’s interesting is that there are a couple of items on the site that I don’t remember seeing in the store when I was just there.  I must’ve somehow missed them!  The bamboo logo iPhone case and the black logo journal are items that I don’t recall seeing while I was in the store! At the site, I noticed that the logo hoodie has gone on sale.  I am very tempted to get one!

I hope you enjoyed this short visit to the Starbucks Coffee Gear store!  What’s on your wishlist? (You can click on these photos to make them larger).

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