Coffee Gear Store

The Starbucks Coffee Gear Store.

I dropped by the Starbucks Coffee Gear store on April 1, 2014. It’s been several months since I’ve written about it. This is the store where customers can buy logo t-shirts, keychains, infant bibs, pins, mousepads, and much more. The merchandise at the Coffee Gear Store rotates often, so I check back in now and […]

A Look at the Starbucks Coffee Gear Store – December 2013

The Starbucks Coffee Gear store is located on the 8th floor of 2401 Utah Avenue South, Seattle, Washington, 98134.  That is the Starbucks headquarters.  The Coffee Gear Store is open to the public!  Anyone can go shopping there!  The merchandise offered changes often, and so over the years I’ve produced this blog, I’ve revisited the […]

Starbucks Headquarters: Coffee Gear Store and More.

I dropped by the Starbucks headquarters this past Friday (May 10th).  It’s affectionately called the “SSC” – The Starbucks Support Center.  You will find the SSC at 2401 Utah Avenue South, Seattle, Washington, 98134.  Take the Link Light Rail to the SODO station, and simply walk west to First and Lander Streets, and you cannot […]