Starbucks Refreshers

This is another episode about Refreshers.  I still love them.  I still want them to launch nationally.  Just as a reminder, Refreshers are the delicious light drink that tastes a bit like a tea or a juice, but actually has green, unroasted coffee in them.  The two flavors are Very Berry Hibiscus, and Cool Lime.  […]

NEW Starbucks Refreshers test beverages with unroasted green coffee: Strawberry Citrus and Orange Melon

Some of my readers might remember that at the end of September, I wrote about Starbucks testing “Refreshers” beverages in San Diego, California.  These drinks use an extract of un-roasted coffee and produce a beverage that isn’t quite like a juice, but isn’t quite like a tea either.  They definitely do not taste like coffee.  […]

Melody tries the Starbucks “Refreshers” test drinks in San Diego

Starbucks has been testing beverages called “Refreshers” in San Diego.  It was a widely-publicized test, so I had been aware of it long before discussing it with others on social media sites.  Through connecting with people on the blog and through twitter, a store manager in San Diego said, “Come to my store and try […]