Starbucks Card Rewards/ Loyalty

What is My Starbucks Rewards one-to-one marketing? Why did my friend get a different offer than me?

My Starbucks Rewards uses one-to-one marketing. This is important to know. What is one-to-one marketing? It means that different My Starbucks Rewards members receive differing offers. There are NOT universal offers. I cringe when I hear a partner (or a customer) say something like, “MyStarbucksRewards members are getting bonus stars on Oprah Chai right now.” […]

News: Bonus Stars at Target Starbucks Oct 17-19/ You Can Now Redeem Rewards at Target Stores

Beginning October 16th, Target Starbucks locations now have the ability to redeem your “Lucky Dozen” or free “Birthday” rewards that you receive when you’re a part of MyStarbucksRewards. October 17 – 19th, you will earn bonus stars for your purchases at Target store Starbucks! Each time you use your registered Starbucks card at Target Starbucks, […]

Coming Soon: Beautiful Fall Starbucks Cards (And the Seahawks 12th Man Fan Starbucks Card)

Starting on September 2, 2014, you’ll find some beautiful new Starbucks cards at your neighborhood store. The new autumn seasonal cards include four cards (in the shape of leaves) that can be used as key chain cards, and one traditional card. The one traditional (rectangular) card has a coffee cup with leaves like steam above […]

What happened to the free tall coffee on the side of the Starbucks coffee package? What are stars?

Over the past year, I’ve been asked many times, ‘What happened to the free brewed tall coffee that you used to get for buying Starbucks packaged coffee at the grocery store?‘ That program is gone. The packaging that used to offer a free tall coffee has been phased out in favor of MyStarbucksRewards loyalty program. […]