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2- 1 - 20160118_123928[1] ethiopia Chelba

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Chelba

Tomorrow, January 19, 2016, Starbucks launches the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Chelba into all of its U.S. and Canadian Reserve Starbucks locations. This is a fabulous coffee! I was inspired to write about it because today (1-18-16),...

Starbucks History Lessons

Tazo signage from Jan 2001 - StarbucksMelody

#TBT – Tazo Tea

If you walked into a Starbucks in January 2001, you might have seen this signage, encouraging you to enjoy a cup of tea! “This is Tazo tea. Black teas to get you going in the...

Starbucks Test Products

2 - 1 - 20160117_091633 sign for melted truffle mocha monroe washington

Hello Melted Truffle Mocha.

The Starbucks Melted Truffle Mocha is an elevated mocha beverage made by melting real truffles with hot espresso and milk. I first wrote about the Truffle Mocha in June 2015, as I stumbled upon it...


Coffee Gear Store

Seattle Roastery

2 1 - 20160130_095352[1] honey rooibos latte and mole mocha at the Starbucks Roastery

New Seasonal Beverages at the Roastery!

The Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room always has a few beverages that are seasonal, exclusive drinks. New to the Roastery, right now you’ll find the Undertow, the Honey Rooibos Tea Latte, and the Mole...

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