Starbucks launches collectible city cards

Starbucks city and state cards are here!  Customers have long been asking for more souvenir and city cards!  Here are a few examples from

Souvenir Location/ City Gift Cards

Starbucks cards for cities

And there is a larger announcement about this on the blog – Be sure to read their blog there:

Keep your travel memories in your wallet!

It’s nice to see the fresh and interesting designs for the cards.  These cards look great!  This idea of city-specific cards is something that Starbucks has already launched in some of the international markets.  Some of my readers might remember my previous blog post mentioning that Kyoto Japan has their own city card.  I am sure that there has also long been a London card, though I don’t have one in my collection.

Thank you very much to the loyal blog reader who sent me the Chicago card.  And thank you to the blog reader who sent me the image of the Vancouver card.



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157 thoughts on “Starbucks launches collectible city cards”

  1. I have a number of cards to trade if anyone is interested. I have 2012 and 13 Los Angeles, 2013 San Francisco, 2013 Orange County, and most, if not all seasonal/special edition cards that were available in nearly every starbucks. If you are willing to trade, let me know. Thanks…Jeff

    1. You can see some of the ones I have listed on ebay- check out my other auctions as well (for diff starbucks cards). I would love to trade for ones I am missing.


  2. Hello~
    Can’t find Oklahoma cards anywhere!! Do they even exist?? SB employees can’t answer the question. PLEASE!!! WE WANT Oklahoma City, Tulsa & Oklahoma state cards!!! PLEEEEEAASEEEE!!!!!!

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