Launching 5-12-13: My Starbucks Rewards for grocery coffee purchases!

This May, the My Starbucks Rewards loyalty program expands into grocery, so you can earn a “Star” by buying specially-marked packages of coffee.  I want to give you a sneak preview of how the program works, so you’ll know exactly how to get your Stars!

When you’re at the grocery store, simply look for Starbucks coffee with a special small sticker affixed to the upper right area of the bag:

6734 - Starbucks grocery store coffee - My Starbucks Rewards

The special gold sticker says on it, “Buy this bag. Earn free drinks at Starbucks.”  If your grocery store coffee doesn’t have this sticker, you cannot earn stars from it.

I discovered that the adhesive used for this sticker is pretty strong!  I had wondered if these little stickers would fall off, or easily be ripped off, but I don’t think that is likely.  When you pull the sticker from the bag of coffee, a code is revealed:

6741 Getting the code from coffee at the grocery My Starbucks Rewards

Hang on to that sticker!  You’ll need to enter that code on a website.  The sticker tells you to “Look inside.”  I will admit, when I first played around with the bag, I thought, “Look inside of what?”  The adhesive is so strong, it’s not immediately obvious that there are layers to the sticker.  I tried to tear at the edges, in a frustrated manner.  Do not do that.  The easiest thing to do is place the sticker between your thumb and fingers, and roll it until it naturally begins to peel apart:

6742 Starbucks My Starbucks Rewards at the grocery - Sticker comes apart

Pretty soon, you’ll have the sticker fully opened, and you’ll find further instructions on how to obtain your My Starbucks Rewards Star:

06743 Sticker fully peeled apart My Starbucks rewards grocery coffee

Next, enter the code in the special Starbucks website set up for this.  According to the instruction sheet, you should be able to visit and earn your Star.  Since the program has not launched yet, that website is not yet live.  I will keep you posted, or edit this if there is a different website to visit.

Now you know how to get your My Starbucks Rewards at the grocery store!


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74 thoughts on “Launching 5-12-13: My Starbucks Rewards for grocery coffee purchases!”

    1. Tired of endlessly holding on the phone to speak with someone at Starbucks. I got the same as everyone – invalid. Well, I’m pretty educated and can read and yet no matter how many times I enter the star code, it does not work. So much for that, but i thought others would like to know – seems like a run around to me – ugh.

  1. The program will not accept my email address, saying it is already in use. Which isn’t possible. Looks like you need to do some work on this program!

    1. I made a suggestion to Starbucks back when this started to put the rewards IN the product. Not stuck to the outside where anyone can just open it in the store, get the code and be on their way.

  2. Just entered my first “Earn A Star” code. What’s the point? I used to enjoy a free coffee when I turned in an empty bag. Now I am shown a calendar with a heart symbol indicating a special reward. I don’t understand. What reward? How do I use it?

    Maybe I will continue to buy the occasional bag of Starbucks but I must admit that certain Gevalia blends are just as good as my favorite dark roasts from SB. And Gevalia has the advantages of being readily available at my local grocery and for a lower price per ounce. Just saying…

    1. I absolutely agree with Harvey. The stars are not user friendly. I buy—or rather used to buy a lot of Starbucks coffee. Part of what tipped the coffee scale in favor of the Starbucks brand was the free tall. Not so anymore. The stars are way too much monkey business.

  3. It is almost impossible to find the special page to enter the long and random letter number off the bag of coffee! Why is not on the starbucks app

  4. So I finally log on, after saving stars from a TON of bags we have purchased & used….only to discover the website is not operating at this time and I need to check back?! Ugh reading everybody’s comments is kind of scaring me now. Does this work or does it not? I guess there’s always Pete’s Gourmet coffee and then some. This will give me the excuse I needed to check out the competition, should this be an Epic Fail. Sure hope not, because we buy A LOT of Starbucks coffee bean bags AND counter order as well. We shall see…

  5. Star promotion is so disappointing. Much preferred the return bag for a free tall coffee. Felt like a reward for being a loyal customer. Unless you go back to that original method of reward I will discontinue buying Starbucks coffee.

  6. I was able to enter about 7 codes/coupons months ago. Some of them were from large bags, so probably about $60 – $75 in retail coffee dollars spent with Starbucks.

    When I went to use my phone to get the complementary tall, they actually let me choose a grande, which confused me – they never let me do that before.

    Come to find out, all 7 of my “stars” had been used for that single grande.

    Even more confusing, another store does honor my beat-up bags – but I’m never sure they will continue to do so.

    So, no more grocery money Starbucks, unless it is at least $1 less than Peets.

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