Sneak peek: New Starbucks Whole Bean Packaging Coming Soon

photo-6 Sneak Peek - New Starbucks whole bean packagingStarbucks has revamped all their whole bean packaging.  The new Starbucks whole bean packaging arrives in stores in the next couple of weeks.  Gone will be the dull, current packaging.  Traditionally, the whole bean coffee packaging (and merchandise generally) told stories of the bean or had a strong image associated with it.  I >still< think of Italian Roast as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, as that was the image associated with in the early 1990s.  House Blend used to be an small plane pilot, like as if your coffee journey was just starting.  You can get a sense of the beautiful images Starbucks coffee design of the 1990s by clicking through this old blog post here.  At one time, Starbucks sold coffee in simple bags with a coffee stamp affixed to the front of it.  It hasn’t been that way for years, but I remember that as well.

The new packaging is a step in the right direction!  From just this “sneak peek” image, I like it!  About two years ago, Starbucks moved in the direction of the current packaging, which I always felt was too dull.

Don’t forget that Starbucks promotion “Coffee Card” starts this month, meaning if you buy two pounds of whole bean coffee, you can receive a third one free – you have to use your “Coffee Card” though.

I would love to know what you think of the new look!

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26 thoughts on “Sneak peek: New Starbucks Whole Bean Packaging Coming Soon”

  1. I like the idea that they are moving in this direction in terms of the packaging of the whole beans coffee, however, I would like to see more colors than the brown tones. I think they could be a bit more creative in color and design.

  2. I’m liking what I’m seeing! I like the use of color to help customers decide on roast preference. I think it’s a strong design. I think sometimes that too many colors can be tacky… But thats just mu opinion. And the artwork looks awesome! (thonk of all the new chalkboard art this will inspire!) This is definitely a step in the right direction!

  3. I use to love the brown bags with the stickers.
    I still have a Sumtra one (a tiger) on a coffee canister.

  4. @CamSpi – I was thinking that too – New chalkboard art all over the place!

    Does anyone know what the gold package in the background is? I have two guesses, but I really don’t know. I could imagine it being Verona (you’re looking at the wings of a Cherub? Traditionally, Verona was a cherub, but that would be a big change.) Or, French Roast, and maybe that’s really a flame design? Those are my wild guesses, and probably wrong too.

  5. Oops! I guessed totally wrong. Over on Facebook, the answer was given as Veranda. The gold package in the background is Veranda.

  6. I love the new packaging as it will be extremely distinct as to which blend at a glance. They should use bright bold colors for each bag but that’s just me. :)

  7. it seems

    house = medium, so coppery brown.
    veranda= blonde, so shiny gold.

    so the dark brown packaging must be a dark roast, no? looks like komodo dragon, maybe? is that a coffee name?

  8. @Elly – I think you’ve guessed that exactly right! I should have guessed better. :-/ Komodo Dragon is a coffee blend – and that is definitely Komdo Dragon also making its way into that pic.

  9. For a moment I thought the gold package was the return of Lightnote Blend based on those bird wings. I’m excited for the new packaging to hit the shelves. It should give us yet another reason to engage our customers around coffee.

  10. I’m excited for Verona, my favorite..for my store we get our shipment on Friday so if I get any new coffees ill send it to you, sometimes the company just autoships stuff to us

  11. There are three colors designating the three roast profiles. Gold for blonde, copper for medium, brown for dark. Each profile will be the same color per roast

  12. I like what I see in your “peek”.

    I will predict that Starbucks will see a noticeable increase in coffee sales, particularly with the coffee stamp program this summer.

  13. I think the Komodo bag is purple, not dark brown. Veranda is being re-branded in Canada. The bag is PRETTY!

  14. I wonder if the new Pike Place Roast packaging will continue to pay homage to the first store and their original logo.

  15. @Organic Fair Trade Dave – Wouldn’t that be funny if Light Note Blend ever did really return?
    @DadCooks – Well those “Coffee Cards” should at least help a little bit to clear out some of the old packaging. :)
    @Michelle – Can’t wait to see it. From that pic though, it does look brown.
    @92Days – Thank you for your comment – I think that’s a lovely idea to have it pay homage to 1912 Pike Place Starbucks.

  16. These bags are so beautiful! They each tell their own story. I like it, but I do hope we are done changing them for a while. People always confused when a packaging change happens.

  17. I saw the new gold Veranda coffee bag with the hummingbird on the front on the merch shelves in the U Village store today!

  18. Melody, Hello! I am loving this new packaging. The current is just too…. BLAH! It looks like the colors will set the senses into overplay, perhaps!

  19. I saw a picture of the new Sumatra bag this morning…gorgeous! I like these so much! :) I almost don’t want to use the coffee card to buy the old style bags knowing about these new ones…hahaha how silly is that?!

  20. I’m so excited for the new packaging because I never liked the current style but I DO think that with the launch of Blonde Roast, it really helped me help my customers understand yellow is Blonde, light roast, brown is medium roast and purple is dark roast. Simple to figure out but terrible packaging. Now that Blonde has been around a while I think customers are used to it and ready for new packaging.

  21. Don’t like new bags,hard to read in dim coffee shop.If apple changed the OS with every new “I”phone would anybody buy apple?? My coffee Gold coast (morning joe) is gone! Bag colors don’t mean roast I have expresso dark and the new bag is bright silver

  22. I am soo excited about this new packaging – the best yet. I’m not enjoying the switchover – we have been running out of a couple of the coffees as we wait for new packaging, and I don’t particularly love the mix of old and new bags on the wall bays.

    @jerry, I’m with you in that, while I love the new design, I don’t want to see the packaging too frequently, and am hopeful this is the last change we see for awhile.

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